What I have Learned from my Clients

I recently added an elderly couple to my family of clients and was following up on some paperwork that needed to be signed. I called the client and suggested that I come by their home on the way to work after dropping off my son at summer camp. During the conversation the client seemed incredulous that I would stop by their home to perform this simple errand and as the conversation closed he said “Okay, we’ll keep an eye out for you”. He literally meant that they would be watching and anticipating my arrival. When I showed up the next morning he was on his balcony actually watching and waiting for my arrival. How thoughtful!

After our phone conversation and prior to my visit I considered his response and the nature of my interaction with this new client. This client was providing me a valuable lesson in care and consideration. Throughout all my interactions with them these clients showed me great respect and consideration, honoring the value of my time as well as my expertise. My experience was remarkable in that it was rare and exceptional.

I am deeply grateful to have experienced this but also for the reminder of how much more I could be offering to my clients, family and others. They provided me a standard or benchmark upon which to contrast my own behavior and the motivation to improve.

I plan to continue sharing lessons I have learned from my clients and hope that others will appreciate the value of these experiences.


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